Proxmox web GUI not available but yet SSH works

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Learn how I fix the issue with Proxmox web GUI not being available 

I am usually very careful with my hardware devices in my lab. I  always avoid any sort of hard reboot,  but I mistakenly caused a hard reboot of my Proxmox server, and right after my server start to became unreachable via WebGUI.

The first thought was that I had corrupted the installation OS, and had to start all over from scratch(the worse thing that could happen, ever!), however,  I noticed that the SSH was reachable, and then I started to do some research in the forums for some diagnostics commands, using the searching term, “why Proxmox GUI https://ip.pve.server:8006 is unreachable”, to see what I would find.

Many forums threads  came up with several ideas, such as:

  • Check the certificate
  • Check if the local firewall is blocking port 8006 
  • Run an update of the repositories 

After rule out all those options, I realized that the most obvious reason could be that the web service was not running, but I was not quite sure how to verify that, as  I do not play around with those commands very often. 

The command to verify the Proxmox Web Service status

Then, I went to the official Proxmox documentation resource page, I found the command to show the status of the proxy service :

systemctl status pveproxy pvedaemon

And right as I expected , I got the conclusion that indeed the service was not running, bingo!

VE - Proxmox server Stopped

Command to Start/Restart ProxMox WebService (proxy.service)

To fix the issue I used the subsequent command systemctl start pveproxy.service, that flawless brought back up the service, as is possible to see on this output image: 

Proxmox web GUI service PVE start output

I am still not sure why the service didn’t come up active after the reboot, this never happened before, very odd. Anyway, I wanted to share these finds with you guys, with the aim that would help someone avoid the hassle.


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